Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday shares

Can't call this Reading Goodies because it's not all reading. I do want to share some of the fun we've been having lately:
  • My oldest daughter has been having a blast with duct tape crafts. You can find a couple of her favorite projects here and here.
  • And she is still sewing up a storm. If you're looking for me, you'll find me in line for more fabric. I love how each of my kids challenges me in new ways. This one not only likes to sew, she likes to sew without patterns. Kind of freaking me out. But I worked on this with her yesterday and it actually turned out pretty good. Meesha has many sewing tutorials on youtube and is one of my girl's favorites to follow. So if you enjoy this project, there is a lot more where that came from!
  • I have been making water kefir. I used to be a yogurt maker, but I can't have dairy so it was kind of a bummer to do all that work and not get to enjoy the end result. The water kefir it not difficult to make, does not require special equipment, and it is tasty!
  • If I were more tech savvy, I would make a recording of what my home sounds like these days. My son always has his beat box going. Always. I've taken to dancing every time I hear it. Then he tells me to stop dancing because it's annoying. Ahem. Anyway. He shared this video with me, something he finds inspirational.
And now for some true Reading Goodies:
  • You may notice health and body image are on my mind. I enjoyed this funny and true blog post about mama bodies.
  • I am currently reading Health at Every Size, by Linda Bacon. Feeling like it could have saved me a lot of trouble if I had read it years ago.
  • Just finished Little Britches. It was a first time for all of us. Easy to see why this is a classic. What a sweet story!
  • Percy Jackson is making a comeback at our house. Around here, some books are like old friends, and this is one of those.
  • Reading this collection of stories with my littles, which led to an interest in Helen Keller's life story. We have been taking in everything we can about Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan. This is a great little history for kids with some pictures to go along with the text. Helen Keller was one of my very favorite people to learn about when I was growing up too, so it was fun to revisit this topic. I even watched The Miracle Worker again the other day. I am now loving Anne Bancroft and may have to watch more of her movies.


  1. Hey Kelley,
    Would you recommend Little Britches for a 9 year old? Thinking of doing it with grade 3.

    And if you like Percy Jackson, try The Neddiad by Daniel Pinkwater. We listened to the audio narrated by the author and it was spectacular.

    1. I think Little Britches would be great for grade 3! My 10 yr old loved it and she is a tough customer when it comes to books.

      We will check out The Neddiad. I LOVE his book The Big Orange Splot!