Thursday, June 5, 2014

Reading goodies

  • I am tempted to take a quote from this article from Teacher Tom and put it great big on my wall. These words are beautiful: 
We are, in fact, at our best when we manage to successfully override those urges to help, instruct, or otherwise guide a young person and instead give him the space and time to struggle, to practice, to come to his own conclusions. This, not our superior experience or intellect, is the great gift we have to give to children: to stop, to really see who they are right now, and be with them in appreciation and joy, loving them just as they are.
  • I also like to learn about nutrition and have spent a lot of time reading The Paleo Mom the past couple weeks. A lot of good stuff there! 
  • Very long, but worth reading, this article gives parents a lot to think about.
  • Been having fun sewing with my oldest daughter and we got our latest project idea here. We've made four of them so far!
  • I am still dreaming of full-time RVing with my family. A nice little summary of the pros and cons of such a life.

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