Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project-Based Homeschooling

This week a friend recommended I read "Project-Based Homeschooling" by Lori Pickert. I devoured that book in two days. After I had my third child, someone described Attachment Parenting to me and I was so excited to learn that there was a name for this thing I had been doing all along! Because once I had a name for it, I knew I could find more information about it and more importantly, I could find other people to connect with. I had a similar experience when reading this book. Now I have a name for this thing we have been doing, a way to find more information about it and I can now make connections with other people who are doing this thing too.

Lori Pickert's blog is also an amazing resource! It is taking me longer to wade my way through the blog than it took me to read the book. She provides a Quick Start Guide, articles describing how others use PBH in their homeschools, and on Fridays I enjoy all the links she shares to the blogs of others. Then I can see how other families are using PBH in their homes. She has even written about some things that have been on my mind lately: Dealing with Haters and Getting Support From Family and Friends. Lori's words from Dealing with Haters are going to be my new mantra.

This book has inspired me to rethink the organization in the main area of the house. As I look at our shelf, I see many resources my kids have no interest in using and I can think of several things I could put there that would support their current interests. I also see that some lower shelves would serve them much better. Having tall shelves in a kid's space makes the top half of the shelves a complete waste!

I also felt encouraged and validated as I read about ideas we are already using. I already provide time, materials and space for the kids to pursue their own interests. I already recognize "mess" as a positive, a sign that my kids are doing creative and important things. When people walk in our home, our values are reflected. This home looks different than other homes. People do things and learn things here. Right in the central part of the home, instead of a china cabinet, there is workspace.

I will write more as I make changes to our workspace so you can witness the transformation!

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  1. kelley, thank you so much for this — i hope you are going to check out the forum, too! :)