Thursday, January 9, 2014


We found a great book at our library: Geology of the Great Plains and Mountain West, by Cynthia Light Brown. It was an enjoyable read. The information in it was easy to understand and connect to. My son enjoyed reading it with me. It has little experiments at the end of each chapter using very common household items (Warning: Be careful not to spill Epsom salts in the bottom of your oven. That was a BIG mess!). We tried several of them and the rest we just read through.

The best part for us was that we were able to connect some of our experiences from our travels and our time outdoors with the information in the book. We went back through some of our pictures to help us remember.

Waterfall at Devil's Den State Park, AR
Palo Duro Canyon, TX
Mark Twain Cave, MO
Glacial grooves, Kelleys Island, OH
Visiting the Great Lakes of Erie, Michigan, and Superior.
Rock City at Minneapolis, KS
The plains at Laura Ingalls' childhood home site, De Smet, SD
The Rocky Mountains, CO 

Caves at Meramec State Park, MO
The kids have spent countless hours exploring the land and creek at their grandparents farm.

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